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 Правила форума. 
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Сообщение Правила форума.
1. Соблюдайте законодательство Российской Федерации, соблюдайте авторские права и не разжигайте расовой ненависти, а также не оскорбляйте и не обяжайте посетителей и администрацию.
2. Прежде чем задавать вопрос убедитесь что его уже не обсуждали на форуме, по данной тематике нет урока на сайте pasha-sevkav.ru, а также в разделе "Мой круг" нет уроков и обсуждений на интересующий вас вопрос.
3. Соблюдайте частоту, прикрепляйте только необходимую информацию. Задавайте новые вопросы в новых темах. Используйте правильно форматирование текста.
Не пишите несколько сообщений подряд, для этого можно редактировать свое последнее сообщение.
для использования большинства кнопок редактирования выделите нужный текст и нажмите на кнопку.
[b]слово[/b] - жирный текст
[i]слово[/i] - курсив
[u]слово[/u] - подчеркивание
[quote]цитата[/quote] - цитата
[code]код[/code] - код
[list]текст[/list] -список
[list=число(буква)]текст[/list] - список цифровой или буквенный
[*] - символ указывающий установку пункта списка
[img]ссылка на картинку[/img] - картинка
[url]ссылка[/url] - ссылка
[url=ссылка]текст[/url] - ссылка текстом.
[center]текст[/center] - текст по центру
[left]текст[/left] - текст слева
[right]текст[/right] - текст справа
[spoiler=пояснение]текст[/spoiler] - спойлер, позволяет скрывать текст.
[youtube]url ссылка с youtube.com[/youtube] - вставка видео с youtube
[color=#номер цвета]текст[/color] - цвет текста

для добавления картинок и файлов на форум см. картинку ниже

31 дек 2009, 17:42
Сообщение Please click here to view the forum rules
Forum Rules As From 10/10/10

Respect: Please respect other members and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times.
Abuse and abusive posts of any nature will not be tolerated. Breaches of this ruling will result in posts being removed, warnings and if continued, DA. Mocking, and belittling other members also counts as disrespect.

Swearing: We feel that foul or offensive language has no place here, this is a family forum and should be treated as such, continual and deliberate swearing will result in warnings and possible DA.

Usernames & Personal Information: please do not use links as usernames, or full names as usernames, as you will be asked to change it. It is also inadvisable to post any personal information on the open forum, things such as full names, email addresses and the like; this is to protect you the member. Please do not post identifying information about other people anywhere in the forum or chatroom.

Unofficial/Unapproved Multiple Accounts: These are not permitted at SF and will result in ban.

Harassment: Every member of SF is entitled to harassment free membership, any harassment of any nature, including harassment in chat or via the pm system should be reported to staff immediately. It will be dealt with quickly and discreetly and may result in DA or ban for the perpetrator.

Personal Affairs: This includes disputes from other forums, private arguments from your personal life and disliking other members, these should not be brought into the forum, everyone has an ignore this member function which can be used, this behaviour will result in warnings and possible DA.

Sensitive Topics: SF promotes open discussion; however SF does not promote or condone drug and alcohol abuse or the use of any other illegal substance. Sexual topics should relate to spirituality rather than descending into graphic discussion which is tantamount to pornography. Immature use or abuse of this section will result in posts and threads being locked or removed altogether. Members promoting the use of illegal substances or illegal activities will have their posts removed and receive DA.

Images: Please be mindful that this is a family forum, images must not depict violence of any kind, any form of abuse or pornography. Remember that what is funny to one member may be disturbing to another, a good rule of thumb is would you allow a child to see it. Breaches of this rule depending on the nature of the image may result in DA.

Links: You are allowed up to three links in your signature as long as they are NOT commercial ie sell something. And of a reasonable size. If you are unsure about a link please ask a member of staff before you post it.

Commercial Links: These are currently not permitted at SF, however there are several grey areas such as links to forums with free ads, these are ok, and donation buttons are also ok. If you post a link for your forum please return the favour and post one for SF in return. If your forum/website or link sells anything including psychic readings and the like, please do not post it as it will be removed. Persistent posting of the same link will be treated as spamming, one warning will be sent and if it continues a probable ban may be imposed.

Advertising: Advertising is currently not permitted at SF, blatant advertising will result in a warning, and persistent advertising will be treated as spamming which will result in a permanent ban.

Complaints: Complaints may be made by pm to any staff member, please do not voice complaints about other members or members of staff on the open forum, ever, as this may result in a warning and possible DA.

Discussing DA: Any disciplinary action carried out by our staff is done after thorough discussion, and is a matter between staff and the member concerned, anyone found to be publicly launching attacks against staff following DA or a ban, or found to be discussing DA or a ban in the forum or chat will themselves recieve a ban, the length of the ban depending on the gravity of the attack. It should be noted that no ban is implemented lightly and other members may not be fully aware of the circumstances.

Mentors & Teachers: SF does not permit mentors and teachers to work within the forum or chatrooms, paid or otherwise, as we cannot vouch for anyone to be claiming to be such and in the interests of our members safety have decided on a strict not under any circumstances policy, anyone discovered to be mentoring/teaching, or trying to coerce our membership into joining such groups off site, in the forum or via pm will be banned with no warning.

Predictions of Death: Please do not make any predictions of death, be that in readings or dreams or any other area of the forum, no matter how certain you are, I have seen first hand the absolute devastation and distress this can cause whether the prediction is correct or not. Anyone making predictions of death to a member should be reported to staff immediately.

Unacceptable Behaviour: Please note the displaying of any of the following within the forum, via pm or in the chatroom will result in an instant ban: Sexual harrassment, mockery, insults or the displaying homophobic feelings, racism, sexism and any other form of bullying or belittling of another member because of sexual persuasion, gender, race or mental health, there may be some I have not listed here.

Staff are members too Please note that our staff are members first and foremost, just like you, they work here for free giving up their own valuable time for the love of the forum, and as such are entitled to the same consideration, any member harassing, threatening or abusing our staff will be banned outright the length of the ban will be in line with the severity of any such behaviour.

On some occasions staff may need to use their own judgement about an issue which is not covered in the rules, it is impossible to cover every possible scenario in such a brief list as we come accross new issues all the time.

Spiritual Forums Rules: Changes, alterations and amendments may be made to these rules at any time please check back on them every now and again.

09 июл 2012, 12:44
Сообщение Please click here to view the forum rules
Here are photos of members of the Beekeeping forum and their families. Please add your own photos and any descriptions youd like to let us all better know each other. Thanks.

07 фев 2013, 19:59
Сообщение Please click here to view the forum rules
Hi. Im new to this site and like to say hello to all dsmers.



16 фев 2013, 00:21
Сообщение Re: Правила форума.
помогите определиться с ценой пожалуйста !!!!!
Дизайн проект детского развлекательного центра, площадь 400м2, с рабочкой.
Буду очень признателен! Заранее спасибоИзображение

04 ноя 2013, 11:33
Сообщение Re: Правила форума.
help to determine the price please!!
Design project of children's entertainment center, an area of ​​400m2, with rabochkoy.
I would be very grateful! thanks in advance

04 ноя 2013, 11:37
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